Its main characteristics are lightness and versatility, which make aluminum the most popular material in 3D printing applications. It is impossible to split metal and lightweight 3D printing without thinking about Aluminum 3D printing. The main characteristics of the material are low density, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and high dynamic resilience. Its major field of application is in the construction of prototypes, heat exchangers and in the automotive world in general.

AlSi10Mg is an aluminum-based alloy with Si and Mg content that gives it a high weldability. The alloy stands out during normal casting processes due to its excellent casting properties and allows the production of thin-walled components with high strength characteristics. AlSi10Mg components exhibit excellent mechanical strength and can be subjected to secondary mechanical processing. Heat treatment according to the T6 cycle can be applied. 

It has a high machinability and with a hardening treatment with a subsequent anodizing can reach important hardnesses for an aluminum alloy.

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