A team of engineers specialized in the design development of mechanical components, using software such as Solidworks, for 3D modeling and topological optimization.

 They work with the customer to find the solution that meets the technical and functional requirements of the individual project through a feasibility analysis to understand the convenience before making the component in Additive Manufacturing.

In this area, taking advantage of the synergies present in the corporate structure of 3D Metal and the existing program of cooperation with the University of Bologna in particular, where possible, we perform specific analysis and tests such as the characterization of materials used, FEM analysis, thermal analysis and simulations.

The design office is equipped with 3D CAD software, which allow us to manage all the steps in the development cycle, including changes during construction. Our specialized technical staff is able to support you in all stages of design, to meet any design requirement.

Topological Optimization

The topological optimization is a technique that aims to vary the geometric shape of a three-dimensional object in order to meet requirements on the positioning of constraints and application of forces and to minimize the use of material with the aim of obtaining a lightweight structure with competitive mechanical characteristics. All this is performed by means of FEM analysis.

With this method of execution it is possible:

  • Reduce production times as less material is used compared to the non-optimized component.
  • Obtain particular geometries and aesthetics not obtainable with other technologies
  • Have an advantage in economic terms

The topological optimization has its maximum expression with the Additive Manufacturing technology because by reducing the weight it is possible to obtain shapes that are difficult to obtain with other methods.

Reverse Engineering

When it is necessary to reproduce or redesign objects that already exist but do not have a CAD file, laser scanning is used to acquire the geometry and 3D mathematical structure of the piece in order to create an object with similar or better characteristics.

The first step consists in the 3D scanning of the object that you want to reproduce through the use of a probe or video projector. The software then reconstructs the position and shape of the object, generating a mesh.

Then, using the software, the mesh is examined and possible scanning errors are corrected. Finally, the mathematics of the model obtained are extrapolated, which will be used to create the new part, but also to carry out subsequent FEM analysis, then it will be possible to use the mathematics also to make the component in Additive Manufacturing.

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