Maraging Steel 1.2709

Maraging steel is characterized by excellent mechanical properties, it can be easily heat treated to obtain excellent hardness and strength. It can be machined by machine tools, polished and coated. Its main use is in the manufacture of inserts for die-casting dies.

Fe-2709 is a high performance metal powder which is a member of the maraging family of steels. The designation “maraging” is due to the age-hardening of Fe-Ni martensite.

From a metallurgical point of view, the small alloying components of C, Si+Mn, Ti and Al exert a large influence on the material properties. The material designated as 18Ni300 according to the US standard is referred to as 1.2709 in the European standard.

Maraging steels are distinguished by their excellent mechanical properties.

The material is very easy to machine, especially in the “as built” condition.

By means of a simple heat treatment (490°C/6h), it is also possible to achieve extreme degrees of strength and high hardness values.

This hot working steel finds application in the field of die-casting mold making and tooling in the production processes of high toughness structural parts.

It can be machined by machine tools, polished and coated.

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