Corrax is an age hardening steel that allows variable hardnesses to be obtained through heat treatment. It has excellent mechanical characteristics and is excellent for applications requiring high resistance to corrosion.

An application sector is that of hot plastic molding, in which it offers great advantages by avoiding the creation of oxides and cracks, reducing wear and allowing an increase in productivity.

It has a great machinability obtaining excellent surface finishes.

Compared to a conventional tool steel alloy, it shows corrosion resistant features and has the following advantages:

Flexible hardness, 34-50 HRC, achieved by an aging treatment in the temperature range 425-600°C (790-1110°F);

Excellent dimensional stability during aging;

High uniformity of properties even for large sizes;

Excellent weldability, no preheating required;

– No hard “white layer” after EDM;

Superior corrosion resistance to AISI 420 and W.-Nr. 1.2083. 

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