Additive manufacturing automatic machines: the advantages of this technique

In the field of automatic machines the advantages offered to manufacturers are various.

For example, in the realization of machines for packaging and bottling, different supports and tools components can be required, very precise and perfectly adapted to the geometry, even complex.

It is possible to realize inside components with complex geometries, channels for blowing, filling and refrigeration.

Very useful for this sector is the lightening of the masses of some components bringing a greater efficiency and speed of work with an increase in productivity.


Additive manufacturing automatic machines: applications

A significant experience in the construction and design of components for automation regarding has been achieved:

  • Arms with suction ducts for pick and place machines connected to vacuum machines;
  • Cookie formers with complex internal geometries;
  • Funnels for machinery;
  • Batchers with internal refrigeration ducts to guarantee perfect food preservation;
  • Bagging jaws

Within the range of materials alloys used it is possible  to offer a wide range of solutions with respect to the requirements made by the customer.

  • AISI 316L: compatible with Moca certification for the transfer of materials respecting the requests of food, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries;
  • AlSi10Mg: used for the realization of components that must be necessarily light and with high thermal conductivity;
  • Maraging Fe1.2709: Used for components that require low wear and are subject to creep;
  • Corrax: For components that require high mechanical properties and are in contact with corrosive substances.

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