One of the first industries to understand the potential of rapid prototyping to reduce project development time. In this sector, the limit is only the imagination of the designer who, according to the infinite possibilities offered by 3D printing, can adapt his way of working by experimenting with new applications. Our company is specialized in the production of mechanical components also for the Motorsport sector.

The applications in the automotive sector are endless, we can reproduce components for the braking system, heat sinks, brake levers, forks, pedals, gears, and any object of interest for the sector.

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3D printing is used to create screws, prosthetics, surgical instruments and more.

The additive manufacturing technologies being used, enable the production of all types of complex devices, offering great advantages to the medical industry by allowing customization of all kinds.

Modern additive manufacturing techniques allow the production of complex devices that would not be possible with conventional methods, offering unique advantages to the medical industry thanks to the possibility of customizing devices to accurately fit patient geometries. The goal is to open a discussion on the state of the art of the technology and future prospects for development.

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The use of metal prototyping in the field of industrial machinery makes it possible to satisfy the demands of a market that is constantly evolving and needs complex components built with resistant materials that are increasingly light and compatible with the transfer of materials for the needs of the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Serial productions are also possible as far as components for custom machines are concerned.

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The applications of 3D printing in the heat exchanger industry allows the realization of lighter components with the same or even better properties than traditional technologies.

It is possible to obtain monolithic components without welds, avoiding potential losses. With our technology it is possible to model the pipes even within complex and restricted geometries maintaining the same fluid flow rate in every section shrinkage. Our stainless steels are resistant to flame contact.


3D Metal is a company specialized in the design and construction of plugs for aluminum die-casting molds with  conformed ducts also within complex geometries. This technology lengthens the life of the mold and increases its productivity.

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It is possible to make injection molds and hot injection systems with internal conformal ducts for cooling. With this technology it is possible to increase the productivity even more than 50% because of the faster detachment of the plastic material. In addition, there is less wear and tear on the mold.

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