Why choose 3D Metal

Because we can find specific solutions for each customer

  • Our work is not limited to 3D printing. We can optimize your component through re-design, mechanical processing, heat, and surface treatments.
  • We can also create assemblies – mechanical and mechatronic parts according to customer specifications.


Because we are a dynamic and flexible company

Our production cycle is organized 24/7

Because we are a green company

  • Our technology doesn’t produce scraps.
  • La materia prima è utilizzata al 100%
  • Dust sintering doesn’t involve process lubricants: the whole cycle is oil-free
  • The energy consumption is very low: the 400W laser consumes 1/6 of a typical  washing machine
  • The process gas can be nitrogen, which makes up more than 70% of the air we breathe

Because the University of Bologna is our partner

For years we have been collaborating on various projects with a strong innovative character

Why choose 3D MetalBecause we have a low time to market

Our ability to offer a complete production cycle ranging from design to assembly and testing, greatly reduces the final delivery times to the customer.

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