About us – 3D Metal is a company specialized in precision mechanical subcontracting and Additive Manufacturing.

Our activity starts from the design analysis for additive technology application and co-design with the customer up to the finished turn-key product including processing and testing.

Our strong point is in additive manufacturing technology with 3D printer in aluminum, stainless steel and other special alloys.

The Company was formed from the basic idea of 6 companies that have joined their Know-How, consisting of:

  • Marketing of raw metal materials, special alloys, and titanium
  • Design and mechanical construction
  • Design and production of carbon fiber parts
  • Manufacturers of machines using laser technologies

The shareholding companies, including hundreds of engineers resources, ensure 3D Metal the availability of the most suitable engineering skills in this sector and an historical profitable activity.

About us – our collaborations

Close collaboration with the University of Bologna also ensures the possibility of specific research, analysis, and testing studies according to the needs of individual projects.


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